Our museum is totally staffed by volunteers and very proud of it. They donate their time on Wednesday, from 10:00 till 4:00. This requires real dedication of their part, and we are extremely lucky to have many dedicated volunteers. Of course, more volunteers means more things can get done. Please consider donating a few hours a week. You can come by and get acquainted with our current volunteers, get a sense of what is going on, and get a good feeling for doing something useful all at the same time.If you are in the area, please stop by and visit.

volunteers (1) Dedication is the word that best describes our many fine volunteers.

In the past few years we have …

  • Set up and managed the museum to be the showplace it is today
  • Restored a 1918 Ford Tank Truck
  • Conducted hundreds of tours
  • Hosted many events, including:
    • Friends of the Museum get together
    • Oil and Gas Collectibles swap meets
    • Route 66 events
    • Participated in many parades with our restored 1918 Ford Tank truck

We have many fine volunteers, but in order to expand and serve the Museum community [audience] like we envision, we need additional staff to be open more days of the week. Our current volunteers come Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 till 4:00. Opportunities include: answering the phone, answering questions, setting up tour dates, conducting tours, picture framing and matting, restoration of many different kinds of items, sorting, cataloging, arranging displays, selling items at our Company Store, and others. Mostly, this is a chance to be around other people like you – and being involved with one of the finest industrial museums in the country. Send your response to:

Wood River Refinery History Museum
P.O. Box 76
Roxana, IL 62084-0076