The Museum is a non-profit organization!
We are independent from the refinery, but tied to it by present and past employees.


We are an all-volunteer organization. We have found that we spend a lot of time doing research for people — including finding the value, can you tell me anything about my [uncle, father, brother, grandfather] who worked there, where did my item come from, etc., etc. We were spending so much time doing research that we were not able to spend time getting things done at the Museum. So we reluctantly decided that it was a necessity to charge a fee to do research. A modest $25 was decided upon, unless the research was really time intensive and required lots of copying, record sorting, etc., in which case the fee would increase.

Most questions about value can be answered by looking on some of the auction sites on the Internet. Look up similar items, and go from there. Many times there were variations in color, size, labels, or other changes either from year to year, or from area to area. If the item is pretty much like another one, the value is probably pretty close. There are, obviously, certain items that are rare. If you feel what you have is indeed special, let us know and we will be happy to do some research for you.

We will need a good description, pictures, measurements, and whatever history you have. Send to your address.

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