Shell Oil sold the Wood River Refinery to Tosco. Tosco sold it to Phillips 66. Conoco-Phillips now owns the refinery. Prior to the sale, Shell merged with Texaco. Several companies were formed as a result, so the Museum has items from several sources. We have Shell, Tosco, Union 76, Equilon, and soon will carry Phillips 66 items as well. We carry a few items other than what are listed here, but in very limited quantities. Items pictured and described are limited to supply on hand. Please understand that we are a volunteer organization, and the museum is only open two days a week. Plan on it possibly taking a few days to get a response from your e-mail.

If you are outside the 48 continental states, the shipping costs will be somewhat higher. Contact us for rates, for multiple items, or for other items not listed. Send us an e-mail with your shipping address, what you would like, and we will respond with the total. We accept money orders and checks, but please note: They need to be in U.S. dollars, drawn on U.S. banks, or International money orders. Sorry, we do not have any way to accept credit cards at this time. Please use the PLU number, as we have a lot of similar items and it will not be possible to tell them apart without this information.

PLU 116 1955 Diamond Tank 8″ $45.00 plus $5.95 S/H.

PLU 117 1953 White 3000 Steel Tank marked “Odessa”. 7-1/2″ $50.00 plus $5.95 S/H.

PLU 135 #4900 Gasoline Tanker 5-1/2″ $30.00 plus $5.95 S/H.

PLU 137 Shell delivery truck. 5-1/2″ long. $20.00 plus $5.95 S/H.

PLU 145 1998 Shell Pedal Car with helmet and jackstand. 7″ long $40.00 plus $5.95 S/H.

PLU 169 #4 Shell Pedal Car bank with pumper and trailer. Also has Shell Service Station attendant cap. 40.00 plus $5.95 S/H.

PLU 179 2000 Shell Car Carrier with 1955 ford ThunderBird. Has extra wheels and barrel. 15″ long. $30.00 plus $5.95 S/H.