Video Tour

Watch the video to learn more about our history!

The Museum is located in front of the refinery, in the area previously occupied by The Shell Research Laboratory.

The Museum is located in the former Diagnostic Lab.

We have plans to renovate the other buildings as time, money, materials, and volunteers permit.

We have 4 buildings in the Museum complex. The main building houses the majority of the small items in our collection. The Annex, which is just south of the main building, currently houses the vehicles. There is a smaller building just south of the annex which is called the cold room. This building was formerly used to test the vehicle engine starting and wear  using various oils for extreme temperature conditions. We have a fourth building north of the main building, which will someday be used to house the vehicles and large displays.

We plan to build a garage, or at least the front of a garage building, in the Annex. Our hope is to have it look like a station from the 50’s, with boxes of oil, tools, signs, pumps, uniforms, and anything else we can obtain from that era. We hope to have our collection in a database one day, so organizing and researching should be easier.